Tuesday, February 16, 2010



In the last several days I have received several negative feed back in regards to my Notes and Blogs.

Those who know who they are may say I am speaking extremely negative about my past abusers because of the position they hold in, Law Enforcement.

Now I am sure, it would make life so simple if I would stop speaking out? I was told many years ago, to get over it, to get over having to have retinal detachment surgery.

You may say, I am being hurtful for speaking out, well guess again, I am not.

Yes my blogs and notes are powerful! Yes, I have ruffled many feathers I am not here to bring pain but to release the pain I carried for so many years.


When we think of LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, we look at them as STRONG POSITIVE role models, AND AS OUR PROTECTORS.

Many have failed us.

There are many Law Enforcement Officers who, will continue to protect victims and survivors of Domestic Violence. Please never stop believing!

I am speaking the truth and the truth has set me free, maybe it's time you do the same? Yes, I am speaking to all ABUSERS!

Now it's time for you to get over it! Now it is time for you to stop trying to silence me!

How blind and unaware are so many ABUSERS, there are so many voices, which will out right refuse to keep the silence.

Each and every one of you, are helping others to speak out, because of you, they are not afraid.

Now my voice is being heard.

God has blessed me with all these wonderful ladies and men. We together, will continue forward for our RIGHTS, for our JUSTICE!

Women In Transition, Diane Wetendorf, Cloud Writer from Behind the Blue Wall, Lori Finnila and Abigail LaRue and My Group sister's all my wonderful friends to name a few all over the United States, have been a wonderful support system to so many and to me.

God bless all of you.

Love and respect,

Rosa Torres-Sadler